Gal ShmuelPrincipal Investigator

passport_webB.Sc., Summa cum Laude, 2008, Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University; M.Sc. Magna cum Laude, 2009; Ph.D., 2012, with Prof. Gal deBotton; Post-Doctoral associate at the California Institute of Technology with Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya for two years, before joining the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, as an assistant Professor. (CV)

René Pernas-SalomónPostdoctoral scholar


Ph.D., Physics, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico. René works on the development of stable numerical methods to solve governing equations of different periodic systems and heterostructures, as well as the dynamic homogenization of composites.


Ben LustigM.Sc. student


Ben, a student in BRAKIM excellence program, investigates metamaterial and universal properties which composites exhibit in the context of elastic wave propagation.



Ron ZivM.Sc. student

Ron, a student in BRAKIM excellence program, studies non-linear wave propagation in soft materials.




Ariel FishmanB.Sc. student

Ariel carries out finite element simulations to investigate dynamic metamaterial properties periodic elastic media.






  • Yotam Ziser—former M.Sc. student, now engineer in RAFAEL
  • Roey Getz—former M.Sc. student, now naval officer
  • Hani Goldblat—former B.Sc. student, now engineer at Medtronic
  • Eliana Bortot—former Postdoctoral scholar, now Postdoctoral scholar at UCSD