Gal ShmuelPrincipal Investigator

passport_webB.Sc., Summa cum Laude, 2008, Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University; M.Sc. Magna cum Laude, 2009; Ph.D., 2012, with Prof. Gal deBotton; Post-Doctoral associate at the California Institute of Technology with Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya for two years, before joining the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, as an assistant Professor. (CV)



Yotam ZiserM.Sc. student

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion, 2013. Yotam conducts an experimental study of mechanical wave propagation in thin dielectric elastomer sheets. In particular, he explores the effect of bias electromechanical fields on the way in which elastic waves disperse.

Eliana BortotPostdoctoral scholar

M.Sc., Civil Engineering, 2012, Ph.D. ,2015, DICAM University of Trento, Italy. Her research interests are performance optimization of dielectric elastomer generators, and localization of elastic wave in dielectric elastomer composites.


Ben LustigM.Sc. student


Ben explores metamaterial and universal properties which composites exhibit in the context of elastic wave propagation.




  • Roey Getz—former M.Sc. student, now naval officer
  • Hani Goldblat—former B.Sc. student, now engineer at Medtronic